Naramata Bench Vineyard

Our 7.25 acre Estate sits on a steep slope adjacent to Naramata Road. This provides dramatic views of the region and an ideal micro-climate for growing many varieties of grapes. Proximity to the lake on the west and rock bluffs to the east contribute to a long, frost-free growing season.

Our white wine varieties were planted in 1997-1998, while the reds were added in 2001-2002. Since our purchase of the property in 2000, we have made many changes to improve grape quality, including installation of drip irrigation, and trellising using the Scot Henry system.

Grape growing is very labour intensive. Pruning is done by hand in the winter, then we shoot thin in early summer, sucker, trim excess growth, and pull leaves to expose fruit to sunlight as the summer progresses. During early stages of ripening (veraison), we cluster thin green fruit to reduce the crop level so that remaining bunches will fully mature.

All harvesting is done by hand – only top quality fruit is selected.