Gravity Flow Winery

The winery is built into a steep hillside, with 5 levels in total. This allows us to often use gravity for gentle movement of wine during production.

As part of our commitment to reduce environmental impact, the building was specially designed and well insulated to avoid the need for  central heating or cooling.  Our tasting room is located in an area adjacent to our barrel room.

Most of our wines are produced by first de-stemming, crushing, and then gently pressing the grapes. Whites may be allowed to soak on the crushed skins for a period of time, prior to pressing. This contributes to the depth of flavour, aroma and longevity of our wines. Reds are fermented on the skins in small vats with manual punch-down for extraction of colour and flavour. Oak aging up to 2 years, mostly using French barrels, provides added complexity to our reds.


Black Widow spiders are quite common in our vineyard, and throughout the Okanagan. The desert climate is what sets our wine region apart from most others in the world, and the Black Widow is found in all North American deserts. Very poisonous, but fortunately quite shy, join us for our vineyard tour and you may get a close up look at one!

Listen to “Black Widow” original recording by guitarist, Lloyd Sotas