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Visit our unique tasting room that brings you inside our winery and allows you to see the entire operation while you sample our wines.

Tasting Room Hours of Operation

Our tasting room hours are:

11-4 Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday



Please see below for COVID-19 WorkSafe Plan


There is a $15 tasting fee per person. The fee is waived with the purchase of one or more bottles of wine per person, and is free for our Wine Club members(2 persons).

For a special experience with one of the winemakers, there is a non-refundable fee of $25 per person, maximum of 6 guests, minimum of 2.

While our tasting room is quite small, we will do our best to accommodate your group. To ensure a quality experience we are not currently accepting parties larger than 6 people during regular hours. To inquire about larger groups, please e-mail


We are located at 1630 Naramata Bench Road on the East side. Look for our sign about 50m ahead of the winery parking lot.

OBJECTIVE – Adopt a plan to operate Tastings and Sales at Black Widow Winery that will ensure the safety of patrons and employees.

Effective May 19, 2020. (Updated May 28, 2021)


  • The virus spreads by droplets in the air (coughing, sneezing) and from surfaces that are touched, followed by touching the face.
  • Staff will need to provide information on our products, pour samples in some proximity to visitors, prepare orders for wine and other items for sale, and take payment.
  • Surfaces that are typically touched include bottles, wine glasses, tasting note/price sheets, tasting counter, spit cups, cash register, credit card terminals, bathroom facility, entry door, patio tables and chairs, handrail on walkway to winery.

Cleaning & Hygiene

  • Staff must wear masks at all times in public spaces.
  • Staff must wash their hands with soap and warm water for a minimum of 20 seconds at the start of each shift, after visiting the bathroom, and before and after each break.
  • No staff members have shown any signs of illness, nor been in direct contact with any known carriers of the disease. Sales and tastings will be done primarily by family members, supplemented by other employees as needed.
  • Door handles, bathrooms, tables, chairs – wiped with sanitizer at the start of shift, and every 2 hours. Counters and charge terminals will be wiped between clients if touched. Tap purchases will be encouraged (limit now $250).
  • Glassware for patrons will be sanitized in our commercial dishwasher.
  • Shared tastings are not recommended.
  • Tasting notes/price sheets will be laminated and sanitized between groups.
  • Patrons will not handle any products without the intent to purchase.
  • Hand sanitizer will be made available to patrons at the entry, and also for staff.
  • Entry door will be kept open when possible.
  • Chairs & Tables on the patio will be spaced a minimum of 6 feet.
  • Disposable spit cups will be provided, and a garbage can for disposal on the patio.

Physical Distancing

  • Visitors must wear masks in public spaces unless actively tasting.
  • Appropriate reminders to visitors to remain 2 meters from other groups are posted
  • Maximum of 6 visitors in any one group.
  • Multiple tasting stations will be located well apart from each other (two inside, one on front patio, & rear crush pad if needed).
  • Appointment process available and extended hours to eliminate possible crowding.
  • A concierge may be engaged for busy summer days.
  • Contact Tracing with phone # and name to be taken
  • Events are postponed until more direction is available from the province.


  • Staff will be asked at shift start if they have any Covid symptoms.
  • Staff will follow all isolation guidelines if they feel ill (10 days as directed by the Province).
  • Visitors who appear ill (coughing, sneezing) will be asked to leave.


Communication Plans

  • Signs will be posted to let patrons know that group size is limited to 6, and number of groups is limited to two inside the winery, and one on the patio &/or crush pad.
  • Signs will remind them of physical distancing, to limit touch points, & sanitize hands.
  • A sign will advise that visitors who appear ill will not be served.
  • A handwashing instruction sign will be displayed in the bathroom.
  • This plan will be printed and available for inspection, and posted on our website: